GWG Valves & Poly Fittings

GWG Valves & Poly Fittings

GWG Valves & Poly Fittings

You'll find a full range of GWG products available through Greens Water Group.

GWG Valves & Poly Fittings have been providing solutions and services to the mining, construction, civil, agricultural, farming, grazier and aquacultural industries for over 34 Years.

GWG offer an extensive range of polyethylene fittings suitable for butt weld, electrofusion, compression and BSP and pride themselves on being able to offer clients a multitude of products and services. In addition to its product ranges, GWG also offers a number of fabrication services and is able to handle complex projects — with 34 years’ experience in the water movement industry. GWG can assist with design, advice, technical assistance, supply of pipe and products, installation and ongoing support.

GWG Valves & Poly Fittings offers customers access to high quality products designed and proven for Australian conditions.

Advice. Products. Solutions. Locally source and buy GWG Valves & Poly Fittings from the leaders in pumping, irrigation, filtration, water and fluid management. Greens Water Group a member of Irrigear® – The Water System Experts.

  • PE Pipe Fittings & Valves
  • Design of Pump & Filtration Systems
  • Polyethylene Pipe Welding
  • Electrofusion & Socket Welding
  • PE Fabricated products
  • Floats & Pontoons
  • On-Site Pipe Repairs
  • Custom Tank Fit-ups
  • Agriculture Solutions
  • Aquaculture Solutions
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GWG Brands & Products

GWG Valves & Poly Fittings have a range of high quality products, parts and accessories proven for Australian conditions:

  • GWG Valves
  • GWG PE Fittings
  • GWG Electrofusion
  • GWG Custom Made Fittings
  • GWG Flanges Stainless Steel
  • GWG Flanges Galvanised
  • GWG PE Pipe
  • GWG Rural Compression Fittings
  • GWG BSP Threaded Fittings
  • GWG Metric Compression Fittings
  • GWG Suction Lines
  • GWG Pontoons
  • GWG Bolt & Gasket
  • GWG Pipe Accessories
  • GWG Tooling
  • GWG Gal Mal Fittings
  • GWG Gaskets
  • GWG Bolts, Nuts & Washers
  • GWG Corrugated Stormwater Pipe

Solutions & Services

GWG Valves & Poly Fittings also offer a number of fabrication services, specialising in manufacturing manifolds and fabrications that are custom built to meet your specific design requirements:

  • PE Fabricated Products
  • Polyethylene Pipe Welding
  • Electrofusion & Socket Welding
GWG Valves & Poly Fittings

Quality is the Key

GWG Valves & Poly Fittings carry a large inventory of  quality valves, PE fittings, flanges, gaskets, electrofusion fittings and nuts and bolts from its Townsville distribution warehouse. In addition to its product ranges GWG also has a fully equipped fabrication facility located in Townsville Queensland.


Talk to the team at Greens Water Group and find out more about the range of products, parts and solutions from GWG Valves & Poly Fittings which are right for your irrigation or water management project.



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